• Real Estate Investment and Development

    Boston Andes Capital, LLC is a private equity real estate investment, asset management, development, and consulting firm with offices in Boston, Bogotá, and Buenos Aires and activities in select USA and Latin markets.

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  • Local Expertise + Judgment = Opportunity

    Boston Andes Capital was founded in 2002 to pursue opportunistic direct equity investments across multiple real property types. The firm invests both as a principal and on behalf of private investors.

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  • A Diligent, Trustworthy, and Experienced Team

    BAC officers have more than a century of combined cross-border investment and development experience. Our track record and direct approach has allowed us to become a trusted partner to local sponsors and investors.

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Boston Andes Capital is headquartered in Boston and invests in a variety of real estate assets across an array of locations, primarily in the Boston area. The firm has focused on markets with strong fundamental attributes, an educated workforce, favorable long-term demographics, and notable supply constraints. Frequently contrarian, our investment approach is value-oriented, flexible, and underscores the importance of downside protection. Our primary objective is value creation through improvement programs and increasing net operating income. The team experience includes decades of investing in various real estate asset classes across cycles and layers of the capital structure. The executive management team includes individuals with a history of working together and with others. We expect to act quickly, and we have demonstrated to sellers the ability to close a transaction as promised. Our acquisitions have been valued between $10MM and $80MM; however, we do not have minimum or maximum size restrictions.


The “Argentine Great Depression,” a severe economic crisis that spanned from 1998-2001, led to a steep decline in real property values in Argentina. During this time, Boston Andes Capital identified an opportunity where others were fearful. We introduced two real estate funds to acquire, rehabilitate, and manage residential properties in Buenos Aires with no local leverage. Several years later, we profitably liquidated those investments, demonstrating that our tailored approach to investing in a region where our competitors would not yielded returns and created value for our investors. Subsequently, we have initiated the development of several new residential, office, and mixed-use projects in core sectors of Buenos Aires, where our local team has managed the entire process from origination to exit.


Over the past 15 years, Colombia has been one of the fastest growing economies in Latin America. Today one of the most stable economies in the region, Colombia is an emblem of resilience. Nearly a failed state 25 years ago, Colombia has bounced back from adversity and has a strong record of public safety, infrastructure improvement, and economic growth. The government has been focused on eliminating illicit activities, investing in infrastructure and education, and promoting private sector opportunities. Boston Andes Capital opened an office in Bogotá in 2011 to make residential, commercial, and hospitality investments. The firm completed a multifamily residential development in 2015 and is in the process of developing a second residential project in Bogotá as well as a limited service hotel in Barranquilla. BAC believes that the future is bright for Colombia, and our local team is committed to finding opportunities to capitalize on and contribute to Colombia’s advancement.