Hotel Ibis

Asset Class / Location
Limited Service Hotel in Barranquilla, Colombia
Acquisition Date
November 2017
Total Land Area
1.66 acres (6,757 sq. m.)
Total Rentable Area
34,638 sq. ft. (3,218 sq. m.) + 400 structured parking spaces

Ibis Chia is a limited service hotel with 96 rooms (each 185 sq. ft. or 17.2 sq. m.), in a five-story, multi-use real estate project (the Quantum Development) (179,220 sq. ft. or 16,650 sq. m.). The Quantum Development includes 400 parking spaces, street-level retail, upper level office and medical office space, and an interior courtyard. With more than 1,900 hotels in over 60 countries throughout the world, Ibis is a global brand known for intelligent, comfortable, and affordable hospitality. Ibis properties are distinguished by a clean and modern design aesthetic. The project is strategically located on the eastern side of the Chía-Cajicá Highway adjacent to the new Fontanar Mall and the Clínica de Marly “Jorge Cavelier” Hospital in the city of Chia, a northern suburb of Bogota, Colombia’s capital.

Return To Investments